National President's Annual Report

OMEP Israel National Committee




Committee Name              The Israel Association for the Young Child
Country                                Israel 
Committee President  Ms. Tuca (Goldi) Yalin-Mor
President's Phone number (972) 3-549-6512
President's Fax number (972) 3-540-8818
President's Email
Date of the last National Committee election 25th july 2010
Date of the next National Committee Board election July 2011
Names and Email of National CommitteeBoard Members Dr. Tamar Erez
Prof. Dorit Aram
Dr. Yael Dayan
Ms. Nomi Arbel
National web site
Number of members (total) – National Committee 16 Members
Number of individual members 80 Individual Memberships
Number of collective members/other type of membership  


Main Activities 2010


Promotion of Legislation to protect Young Children's Rights

Members of OMEP Israel National Committee continue to participate regularly in discussions on Early Childhood issues at Israel's Parliament – the Knesset, particularly those of the Committee for Children’s Rights.

Lately, the newly nominated chairperson of the Committee for Children's Rights – the parliament member Dr. Z. Orlev, well known for his expertise and experience in the field of education – has renewed the efforts to finalize the legislation for the Licensing and Supervision of Day Care Centers providing services to Early Age Children (from 3 months to 3 years). This legislation is essential to ensure equal quality standards of caring services and Education for Sustainable Development in all DCC. This law has been a major area of activity for Israel's Association in the last years.

Collaboration with public and private professional organizations

The Association continues to strengthen the ties between a wide variety of organizations providing services to young children and their parents, to increase National awareness to their needs.

Meetings with professionals from different disciplines and a wide variety of services provided to young children, with a variety of needs, enable the Association's Committee members to focus on the problems requiring special attention and action to protect children’s rights and to enable them a better quality of life.

Narrowing the gaps in early childhood education in the Arab sector   is another main area of activity, in order to increase the enforcement of existing laws in Arab society, such as the Free Compulsory Education Law for children over the age of three.

Ms. Samaia Hag Yahia, a committee member of the Omep Association committee, initiated last year a forum of mayors and other local authorities from Arab municipalities. Their coordinated and joint activities are aimed to bring a change in the government's policy and priorities to Early Age Children in the Arab society, and to enhance the enforcement of existing laws. 

Creating a National Program for Young Children's Parents

A major concern of the Association is the discrepancy between the increasing needs of young children's parents, in social and psycho-educational areas, and the existing universal services to attend their needs, at different levels of intervention accordingly.

Dr. Tamar Erez and Ms. Nomi Arbel, members of OMEP Association Committee, with the collaboration and participation of the National Nurse Coordinator of Maternal & Child Public Health Services and the National Coordinator of Parenting Education in the Ministry of Education, initiated a group focusing their work on this issue.

Collaboration with local governments

As planned last year, Committee members of the OMEP Association started to work more closely with local governments and their local authorities. Members of our National Committee are becoming involved in the activities of a few municipalities, and this includes their participation in the meetings of the Municipality Committee for Early Age Children. We have two major goals in this project:

–        to recruit the local authorities and their subordinate groups to work together and to support a better coordination and integration of services on a local level, on the basis of an universal and holistic approach to young children's needs.

–        to encourage local leadership, political and professional, to give a higher priority to the needs of young children and their parents and to the development of quality services.

The development of the Website of the Association will be completed in the next months.  

 Important National Tasks and Activities for 2011

Continuation of our efforts in the Knesset, Israel's Parliament

–         to promote legislation for the Licensing  and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs for the very young

–        to implement the Free Compulsory Education Law for children over the age of 3 in the Arab society and in municipalities with young parents with a low income level.

–        to increase awareness to the needs of Early Age Children in all discussions concerning young children, due to the still existing tendency of giving more emphasis on children's needs from school age.

Continuation of the Association's work with government departments when special action is required to deal with particular problems and failures in operating services to young children and their parents. These are problems brought to our attention via our reach-out to professionals and parents.

Increasing the Association's activities with Local Governments and Municipalities including the participation of volunteers in the Municipality Committee for Early Age Children, under the guidance of Executive Committee Member, Prof. Dorit Aram, of Tel Aviv University.

Creating a National Program for Early Childhood.

Broadening the OMEP Association’s  Circle of Activists

Expanding the use of the Association's Website as a tool for increasing awareness to the need of a  National priority to the needs of young children and their parents

Tuca (Goldi) Yalin-Mor


Committee President 

OMEP National Committee



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